San Jose Del Cabo

A luxurious, historic town on the cape of Baja California Sur

San José del Cabo

A luxurious, historic town on the cape of Baja California Sur 

Welcome to San José del Cabo

Nestled in the shallow bay northeast of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo is flush with streets lined with palm trees and historical sights. With a natural estuary to the southeast and gorgeous destinations along the whole area, San Jose del Cabo is an ideal location for those craving an artsy atmosphere with luxury relaxation options. 
Officially founded as a mission in 1730, San Jose del Cabo’s first decades were dotted with native people, pirates, and explorers. It wasn’t until time wore on that San Jose del Cabo — and the rest of Baja California Sur — became a sought-after destination in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s due to the rising popularity of sport fishing and tourist attractions as well as highway development.
San Jose’s charm is found in its colorful streets, breathtaking beaches, artistic getaways and family oriented neighborhoods. If you are looking for a loving and peaceful place to call home, San Jose has many options for you. Today the city is often described as quaint, charming, and tranquil. Complete with a family-friendly character and resplendent with beaches all along the coast, San Jose del Cabo has been called “Cabo San Lucas’ more elegant sister.” Between its Mission and Spanish Colonial architectural styles and the gorgeous natural features surrounding all of Baja California Sur, San Jose del Cabo is perfect for anyone searching for a graceful, chic lifestyle on the shore. 

What to Love

  • Tropical vacation location
  • Exotic wildlife and scenic vistas
  • Artsy entertainment and nightlife

People and Lifestyle

The mellow, family-friendly atmosphere of San Jose del Cabo attracts many individuals, especially those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of major metropolises. A sense of tranquility and charm encompasses the whole city, from the iconic historic city center to the natural beauty of the cape. 
With a near-zero unemployment rate in typical years and a never-ending list of things to do, the people of San Jose del Cabo are often American ex-pats as well as those working in the booming tourist industry. If you’re looking for a city that emphasizes art, history, and local color, then the cultured streets of San Jose del Cabo might be for you.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

As one of the main attractions in the Los Cabos region, San Jose del Cabo has many options for any visitor or resident, from the moon-shaped beaches to the historic arts district in the city center. 
The Shoppes at Palmilla is more than a top-rated shopping plaza. It’s a premiere experience for the whole family with options for dining, shopping, and entertainment, including both local, homegrown shops and more worldwide brands. The Plaza de Pescador, a shopping plaza just a short walk from the historic downtown, boasts live music as well as other entertainment, shopping, and dining options. 
San Jose del Cabo is also brimming with a multitude of dining experiences. Check out El Merkado for a trendy, exploratory night that blends ancestral Mexican cuisine with the latest advancements, or try the sustainably-run Acre, known for its chic, family-oriented setting and delicious dishes. Then be sure to dine with Flora’s Field Kitchen from Flora Farms for some farm-fresh, locally sourced foods right from Flora’s farm. 

Things to Do in San José del Cabo

Once your appetite has been taken care of, be sure to turn to San Jose del Cabo’s festivals and tournaments, which range from arts and culture to surfing the attractive white sand beaches.
Touted as the greatest professional surfing event in all of Mexico, Los Cabos is home to Surf Contest Los Cabos, where surfers and observers alike can showcase their skills and mingle with great food, music, and of course, surfing entertainment. In addition to that, we’d be remiss not to mention Sabor a Cabo, the most acclaimed gastronomy festival in Mexico.   
If you’re not ready to get in the fray of professional surfers, try Coast Azul Beach, the eponymous blue waters of which are sure to impress surfers, swimmers, and sunbather alike.  Head over to the natural estuary, where the birdwatching is excellent and abundant.

History of San José del Cabo

Long ago, before tourism, the Los Cabos region lived an ancient culture of agile runners and tireless walkers called the Pericúes. They were gatherers, fishermen and hunters who lived under palm trees, surrounded by birds in the San José del Cabo estuary. It is known that the Pericúes honored a superior being whom they called Niparajá.
In the early 1530s, the first expeditions to explore this area were carried out by Hernán Cortés. So this small city has bold stories because it was once used as a safe haven for pirates.
Around 1730, the Mission of San José del Cabo “Añuití” along with a “Plaza” were founded on Zaragoza Street, which still remain to this day.
In 1984, the San José del Cabo airport was built, which attracted the attention of different tourist complexes interested in opening the doors of progress to this oasis.
Due to the cozy architecture of the main square, the center of San José del Cabo has become an Art District, where it is possible to find works from different parts of the world, but mainly, traditional Mexican art and local creations.

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