La Ribera

A hidden gem of beach life in the Cabo region

La Ribera (East Cape South)

A hidden gem of beach life in the Cabo region

Welcome to La Ribera

Encircled by stunning white sand beaches, La Ribera is found on the east of the cape in California Baja Sur and is considered something of a hidden gem. With Camino Cabo Este road threading through the picturesque city, this location is a perfect retreat for retirees and anyone looking to escape the grid while basking in the natural glory, fishing opportunities, and local history of La Ribera.
Similar to much of Los Cabos, La Ribera got its start after Spanish missionaries and explorers landed upon what are now the shores of California Baja Sur. After the Spanish left behind many charmingly historic buildings and created new traditions in the area, La Ribera was largely hidden away until the rise of tourism in the surrounding area. However, when compared with much of Los Cabos, La Ribera has a strikingly isolated, quiet atmosphere.  
With its emphasis on fishing and safe, quiet local color, La Ribera offers much in the way of architectural styles, such as contemporary modern in the case of local resorts and Spanish Colonial and Mission when it comes to historic buildings. Now, La Ribera is a haven for any and all sun-seekers, fishermen, and wildlife enthusiasts, as it’s home to the only coral reef left alive in the whole of California Baja Sur. 

What to Love

  • Scores of local beaches for swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and more
  • Compact area with delicious restaurants and safe waters perfect for families
  • Ravishing desert vistas

People and Lifestyle

Isolated and removed from the beaten path, especially compared to its sisters Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, La Ribera is quiet, tranquil, and surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. Renowned for its reputation for casual, laidback lifestyles, La Ribera is a small, quaint town mostly made up of American ex-pats and people in the tourism and fishing industries. 

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Though La Ribera is a small town, its downtown is a charming treasure of the area. Between authentic Mexican seafood eateries and shops for hobby and professional pursuits such as mackerel fishing, La Ribera has plenty to offer. 
One of the premier destinations in the city is the luxurious 1,000-acre resort community Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Costas Palmas, close to the area of La Ribera. With deluxe rooms, breezy pools, and beautiful ocean scenes from large windows, the Four Seasons Hotel is one of the best lodgings in the area. 
Unsurprisingly, due to the popularity and unmatched fishing locations all along the La Ribera area, seafood is chief among the types of restaurant cuisines available. Take Restaurant Bar “Efren’s” for example, a casual and popular family-friendly eatery right in town. Or, for a more elevated dining experience, head over to the Vista La Ribera Vacation Club for the resort’s excellent dining services. 

Things to Do

For the outdoorsmen or the tourist seeking a relaxing, sunburn-free day, the location has more than enough options to provide.
La Ribera and the East Cape are world-renowned for their bluewater fishing in the Sea of Cortez. Try your hand at catching marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, roosterfish, or dorado, as there are always records to beat. Or, if partaking in the delectable rewards of fishing is more your speed, check out any number of seafood eateries in town.
Let us not neglect to mention the show-stopping Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, located just 15 miles from La Ribera. Due to the strong efforts by the Cabo Pulmo community, this park is now a protected National Marine Park designated by the Mexican government. 24.7 square miles of natural wonders, water, and wildlife, this park is a must-see harbor for anyone — particularly snorkelers and divers — in the La Ribera area. 

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