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A peaceful yet urban center of Baja California Sur

Welcome to La Paz

The capital and most populous city in all of Baja California, La Paz lies on the sheltered La Paz Bay in the California Gulf. Tucked amidst far-reaching deserts, windy shores, and bucolic settings, La Paz attracts those looking for the luxuries and amenities of a metropolitan area without sacrificing the pure, naturalistic beauty of the California Gulf. 
With a history of agricultural hardships, skirmishes, and disease, La Paz was founded as early as 1720 by Jesuit missionaries but was not truly incorporated until the mid-early 1800s, when it was given the name we all recognize now, La Paz, meaning “peace.” The moniker would become accurate not long after — pearl diving and mining attracted Spanish settlers once more, leading to a growing center of culture that still exists today.
Now, La Paz is a highly peaceful, family-friendly urban center resplendent with a natural paradise of beaches, breezy oceans, vast deserts, and tropical green spaces. Displaying famed old-world charm, La Paz’s homes foremost architectural styles include Spanish Colonial and Mission, harkening back to its founding. 

What to Love

  • Central location and city comforts
  • The beaches and unparalleled bay
  • Incredible nightlife scene

Living in La Paz, Mexico

With an average of 340 days of sunshine and splendid weather per year, La Paz is known for its perfect days, old-world charm, and tranquility, just as its name would suggest. Still, the nightlife and entertainment in La Paz are never lacking, as there are enough varied options to keep any traveler or resident happy. A significant portion of La Paz’s population is ex-pats in search of a sunny, mellow day-to-day as well as those employed in management, tourism, restaurant, and agricultural industries.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

From family-oriented engagements to fine dining to food trucks, La Paz has it all. Even natural allure and cultural relevance have a home in the easygoing and balmy capital. 
Visit the La Paz location of Plaza Galerias, one of Mexico’s premier shopping plazas. Afterward, be sure to soak in the outdoors and art scene by strolling down the Malecon boardwalk, a waterfront promenade that sometimes hosts an art walk. For a more refined stay, head to resort Puerta Cortes, which boasts golf, event planning, and more. 
Complete your visit with any number of La Paz’s top-rated and popular restaurants, such as Nim Restaurant, which serves contemporary international food in the historic city center of La Paz, the modern Nemi Restaurant, or other premier establishments like Las Tres Virgenes, the family-oriented Azul Marino Restaurant, and the popular Biskmarkcito Restaurant

Things to Do in La Paz, Mexico

We’d be remiss not to spend time on the glorious natural vistas in La Paz, which include beaches, community sights, and historical iconography such as the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of La Paz, dating all the way back to the 1800s. 
While it might be an international holiday, La Paz is known for celebrating Carnival the right way. With a blow-out annual festival, Carnival La Paz — also called party of the gods — is a cultural event like no other. Or try the yearly whale shark watching, which runs from April to October and provides both great entertainment and educational opportunities surrounding the world’s largest fish.
Of all the things La Paz is known for, perhaps nothing is more impressive than its beaches. Take the El Tecolote beach, which has bright blue clear water surrounded by activities and tourist opportunities ranging from kayaking to surfing to dining. Or, for a more natural scene, head over to the uncontaminated Balandra beach and especially Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2005 and a National Park since 2007.

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