On the principle of transparent lending, Global Mortgage offers a secure cross-border financing solution to United States citizens in Mexico.
Coldwell Banker Riveras and Global Mortgage work together to ensure closing the purchase of your home in Mexico is a seamless and entirely transparent process.

We believe that receiving reliable mortgage financing in Mexico shouldn’t be a time-consuming endeavor. 


Here are 5 basic steps to applying for your mortgage:

1.- Get Pre-Qualified

To ensure that you meet the requirements, we suggest connecting with a Global Mortgage Advisor to submit your loan application.  You can expect to be prequalified within 24-48 hours.


2.- Submit Standard Income and Asset Documentation

Before submitting an Offer on a property, we recommend that you submit your supporting documentation and attain a credit Approval.  Global Mortgage is committed to delivering a credit decision within 72 hours.  Having the financing piece in place will help make the process smoother.


Step 3: Conditional Approval

A “Conditional Approval” outlines the details of the loan being offered, such as: 
•    the Principal Amount 
•    the Mortgage Interest Rate 
•    the period for Loan Repayment 
•    the monthly Amortized Payments of Principal & Interest 
•    the payment of estimated taxes and insurance 
•    and other relevant terms and conditions 

After you have an accepted offer for the property you have chosen, Global Mortgage will begin the asset due diligence by ordering an appraisal and title search.  Once reviewed and approved, all documents needed to legally transfer the property to you are sent to the assigned Notario to prepare the closing documents.


Step 4: Closing Process

Closing, is the final step in executing a real estate transaction. On the closing date, the ownership is transferred to the buyer. The closing date is the day the property becomes yours, and the title deed is signed. 

Step 5: After Closing

Global Mortgage will make certain that you receive a complete copy of all documents necessary for “proof of purchase” including 
•    Copy of all purchase documents 
•    Utility transfer letter (from the notario) 
•    First Payment Letter


Ongoing assistance 

Global Mortgage will also be with you throughout your loan term in providing the following services to assist you with your continued home ownership in Mexico 
•    Annual Tax Payment (in January) 
•    Home Owner’s Insurance Payments 
•    Annual U.S. tax documents for interest paid

We invite you to leverage a cross-border loan, to help you own your home securely and in the best way possible.

If you need more information regarding financing in Mexico, please contact us.

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