4 ways to cool off your energy bill

Gear up for summer by giving your air conditioner a break and lowering your energy bill at the same time with these home cooling methods. Alternatives like energy-efficient windows, doors and electronics, filters and shading can help chill your home with less energy use.

Dress Your Windows

During peak daylight, it’s a good idea to keep window coverings closed to block the sun’s heat. Consider window awnings or roll-down shades for the outside of your home that can be operated remotely or put on a schedule. For your home interior, opt for insulated cellular shades or blinds that block out the sun and have reflective backing. Even fitted drapes that cover the interior blinds can help reduce heat in your home.

Fans for Cooling

A great way to help your air conditioner is to run ceiling fans at the same time. This circulates the cool air, so your A/C doesn’t have to work quite so hard. A whole house fan is an entire air system that’s installed in the attic to pull in air from the windows and push it out through the attic vents. This not only cools your whole home fast, but it also gives your attic, which is a major source of heat, better ventilation.

Adjustable Thermostats

No matter what the temperature is outside, you can always pre-set your thermostat according to the weather report and your schedule. Many new thermostats let you repeat daily settings or even control the temperature with an app. Check out this energy saver video for quick tips on what the optimal house temperateive should be.

Door Draft Stoppers

Consider adding door draft stoppers to your interior and exterior doors. These fitted plastic, magnetic or fabric pieces are placed at the bottom of entrances to stop heat from escaping. They provide the flexibility of being able to cover slight openings and cracks under the door. And don’t forget the sliding glass door — there are extra-long options available to stop the draft before it starts.

Now that you know more ways to stay cool for the summer, you can see what works best for you and your home to make sure you have a nice, cool summer.

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